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Your ethical fashion brand takes a lot of work to run, and the pieces don’t simply fall into place. SewEthico's business education platform gives you the tools to rock your business strategy for the next year.

  • Finally nail down your non-financial key performance indicators.

  • Build the financial, pricing, structure, and funding strategies that invest in your company’s growth, instead of just squeaking by (Plus, you can stop keeping your receipts in a shoe box).

  • Create a full-fledged marketing plan, complete with strategy, marketing mix, positioning, company stories, and a six month marketing calendar.

  • Produce your business manual and complete org chart, because when you're a small business owner you're doing the job of an entire team. Gaining clarity and structure can save time, resources, and money.

We believe that when Ethical Fashion Designers have a greater piece of the larger market, everybody wins.

Build the business your ethical fashion brand needs.



What Designers Are Saying

Bridget Brown, co-founder of Filbert, Luxe • Cruelty Free • American Made

Bridget Brown, co-founder of Filbert, Luxe • Cruelty Free • American Made

After successfully launching PonyBabe by way of Kickstarter, completing our first production run, and making some sales, but not enough to move the business forward, I found myself stuck with a very daunting question: Now what? I started PonyBabe as a creative project, with very little understanding of the financial and marketing skills that contribute to a small brand succeeding. I met Cat when I was ready to dive into learning how to run my business effectively, but had no clear idea of where to start.
Cat helped me to focus on understanding PonyBabe's ideal customer, and through an in-depth process with Cat by my side, I was surprised to discover that I had been trying to sell clothing to the wrong women. By better understanding our target demographic, I've been able to make better use of my time, focus my efforts on creating effective content, and it has taken a lot of the mystery out of trying to figure out who PonyBabe is talking to. I'm able to use this information to improve ad targeting, and it also contributes to the creative process; when I'm considering new designs, it's easier to make choices because I know exactly who I'm making the clothing for. 
Working with Cat has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate her passion for helping ethical entrepreneurs to succeed, and found her to be incredibly supportive, empathetic, and fun to brainstorm with. For designers trying to figure out how to turn their beautiful ideas into a functional business, I recommend Cat and SewEthico as a wonderful resource.
- Rachel Fernbach, CEO and Founder of PonyBabe

It’s hard to know where to start when you’re a small business owner of a brand spanking new company. You've just launched, maybe you've done your first run of inventory…and then you look around and don’t know which of the 500 different avenues you should start down from there. This is where Cat and SewEthico come into play. Cat will hold your hand and help you navigate this consuming and ever-changing landscape and will set you on course. Her knowledge of business and marketing is incredibly helpful in the ethical fashion market.

Her team of advisors can help you with the financial side of things, the digital marketing, the social media…you name it. We were thrilled when Cat secured us a spot in a recent Brit + Co article and it truly showed her creative forces at work. It’s hard to find this type of niche support when you have a new business idea, and you’ll be glad to have her helping hand along the way post-launch. There are so many different directions your business can take along the way, and having Cat in the driver seat will ensure a smooth ride!

-Bridget Brown, Co-Founder of Filbert

Rachel Fernbach, founder of PonyBabe • Sustainable 24 Hour Loungewear • Small Batch Made in Brooklyn from the Softest Eco Fabrics

Rachel Fernbach, founder of PonyBabe • Sustainable 24 Hour Loungewear • Small Batch Made in Brooklyn from the Softest Eco Fabrics