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I work 1:1 with leaders and business owners to grow their online visibility through SEO, content, and enterprise-level customer analysis.

Grow your company's voice by:


Putting client obsession in the center of your strategy.


Generating & converting more qualified leads.


Making it easy for your ideal client to find and engage with you.

Fake It Till You Make It.

Hi, I'm Cat, founder of SewEthico, marketing pro, and systems expert. From B2B, to B2C, S2C, and beyond, I’ve helped small business owners scale their business by developing an SEO and content strategy that makes you easier to find and engage with online. We focus on the strategy that will actively build business through relationships by focusing on enterprise level customer analysis. The result is a stronger business, with more positive word of mouth, deeper understanding of your clients, and an engaged audience that drives results and growth for your company.

After a career in nonprofits, a Master's in Nonprofit Management, I moved to build my own company so we can build power for small business owners like you.

With my help, we'll rebuild your marketing, your brand, and your company around your client so they'll want to buy from you.

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As Seen On

"It’s hard to know where to start when you’re a small business owner of a brand spanking new company. You've just launched, maybe you've done your first run of inventory… and then you look around and don’t know which of the 500 different avenues you should start down from there. This is where Cat and SewEthico come into play. Cat will hold your hand and help you navigate this consuming and ever-changing landscape and will set you on course. Her knowledge of business and marketing is incredibly helpful in the ethical fashion market."

— Bridget Brown, founder of Filbert

"I feel like Cat knows exactly where I’m coming from in regards to my business. I just didn’t know how to say it."

— Ayanna P, Post Bump Mama

"After successfully launching Farbrook Studios, I found myself stuck with a very daunting question: Now what? I started the brand with very little understanding of the financial and marketing skills that contribute to success. Cat helped me to focus on understanding Farbrook’s ideal customer, and build systems around her. I've been able to make better use of my time, focus my efforts on creating effective content, and it has taken a lot of the mystery out of trying to figure out who I’m talking to. Working with Cat has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate her passion for helping ethical entrepreneurs to succeed, and found her to be incredibly supportive, empathetic, and fun to brainstorm with."

— Rachel Fernbach, founder of Farbrook Studios

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