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Business Essentials for Ethical Fashion Designers

Build the business your brand deserves.

- Cat, Founder of SewEthico

SewEthico promotes human rights and environmentalism in the fashion industry by giving ethical fashion designers the business knowledge and action plan to succeed in the larger apparel marketplace.

Our vision is to strengthen the core of ethical fashion companies with the goal of creating a more stable and sustainable path for ethical entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and compete in the mainstream market. By growing the strength and number of ethical fashion companies in the marketplace, more ethical goods become available and accessible to consumers.

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Fashion is part of our everyday life. It's a simple decision we make each morning: get up, get dressed, get out the door.

But what about the people who make our clothes, the chemicals in our fabrics, or the natural resources the fashion industry uses in order to flood the market with inexpensive goods?

We imagine a world where ethical brands have a larger market share, so that ethical apparel is more accessible for consumers, and we can all use our everyday decisions to make the world a better place.

You started your brand to solve a problem — don't let the challenges of business keep you from succeeding.


SewEthico welcomes and encourages participants from all backgrounds. Gender, orientation, language, religion, politics, hair color, eye color, those who color inside the lines, and those who don't even see lines  we welcome it all. We want to make the world a better place and part of that relies on the opinions and attitudes of people from all walks of life. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, and urge all community members to respect one another's values and opinions.