Hi there, I'm Cat, Founder of SewEthico, systems enthusiast, marketing expert, and nonprofit career alum.

Every day, my goal is to build power for women. More badass women and business owners need power and access than ever before, and that means a bigger voice, more money, and access to funding.

I help founders build their first marketing departments and structure their company around their clients, so they can grow, prove traction, and gain funding for their mission-driven businesses.


Why do I do this?

  • 1 B-corp shouldn’t be a buzzword. We’re doing the right thing because it’s the right thing.
  • 2 Women should have more access to funding through outlets like Venture Capital
  • 3 Women need to know their ideas will change the world.

As Seen On

My story starts with a whole lot of grit, an obsession with doing right by others, and a strong level of knowledge that I want to disseminate to female founders.

From a young age, I’ve never been scared to go big. After graduating with my bachelor’s, I presented research in front of Congress on the power art has to reach the people of the USA, and why the government should have adopted a stronger communication strategy after 9/11. I worked in the nonprofit sector for a while, then returned to school for a master's, which led me to discover my knack for mission-driven business: I’m at my best when working toward something deeper than chasing profits.

Cut to a few years later: I'm working on Wall St. and feeling dissatisfied, so I decided to create a mission-based business of my own. Because I learned to sew from my mother when I was a child, it seemed natural to develop an ethical clothing brand. However, when I got started working with other designers, I saw how much help these brands needed, and it all suddenly clicked into place. Between grad school, my experience in non-profits and tech, and even my relationships in organic cotton and the alpaca industry, I had the perfect combination of skills to help them.

Rather than add my own product to the market, I realized that I should support the growth of others instead, giving them the tools they need to scale quicker and more sustainably.

That’s how SewEthico was born.

Ready to build a client-obsessed business that proves traction?

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