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Build the Business Your Brand Needs

You started your business to solve a problem, right?

To do something that makes the world a better place, to lend a hand toward the changes we need to make to become stronger. So you did it – you built a brand, launched a company, and moved toward your goals.

But then things started to slow down, and you realized that business is a lot more than just buying Facebook ads.

You want to bring your company to the next level, but you've realized you need the business backbone to do it. It's a struggle to make it happen, but there's a better way.

Rewrite your brand's story:

There are a million pieces in this puzzle, but with some help you can fit them together.

Business is not linear, and having the essentials down is a key component to completing your journey. Running your business comes with a different set of standards and rules than your launch did, and all you need is a map to get you to your ultimate destination. Getting organized is key, and your business will thank you for it.

You may have nailed your launch, but now it's time to gear up for your tried-and-true and time-tested business essentials. And even when you think you have those down, things can change. Having guidance and a sounding board along the way makes a world of difference.

I believe in the strength of ethical fashion, and I believe in you. I want your business to succeed, because I think the world can benefit from the change you want to create.

That's why I'm here to work with you. Let's build the business your brand really needs.

Break Down Your Business and Rebuild it Stronger than Before

In 7 weeks, we will transform the complicated details of your business and smooth them over, so that it can operate like a well-oiled machine.

This isn't about launching. This isn't about the community altogether. This is about you – your business, your mission, your goal. We'll take the business essentials that you've been craving and inject them into your company to get it pumping at full speed.

With some help and hard work, we'll work together to maximize your strengths.

This course is not easy, and it's not for the faint of heart. This is for the entrepreneur who's determined to put in the work. It will challenge you, and you want to be here for that challenge. You'll get to know your business even more than you thought you would, and you'll work through the tough challenges, and I'll be there every step of the way.

Stop waiting for your business to magically fix itself. Hike up your sleeves, and let's get to work together.

There's no fairy-tale fix that's going to make your business problems disappear

You need to get into the issues and sort them out, before they cause you to close your doors. Everyone is struggling with these issues – you're far from alone – but not everyone is going to have the strength and foresight to make the necessary changes.

That's why SewEthico is a better way. I've been building these skills for over 10 years in mission-based business, and I know how to get to the heart of the problem and create genuine solutions instead of a band-aid fix.

All you have to do is say yes.

Stop feeling like you don't know where to turn, or how to move forward.

It's time to join forces and grow your business so you can not only break even, but grow.

SewEthico Business Breakdown.png

What's inside Business Breakdown?

  • In-depth video courses with SewEthico Founder, Cat Bradley, that you can take at your own pace over 7 weeks.
  • A printable workbook that helps you ask the tough questions and make lasting improvements for your business.
  • Live Calls with Cat each week to get your questions answered and go over any details for the week's lesson
  • Live Financial Training for the course's most complex and necessary lessons
  • An online community to help support one another and grow together, because having your support group is a huge element of your success
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to our membership site, where you can learn on your own schedule. This course is only going to get better, and you'll get all of the tools, lessons, and perks of future cohorts.

What will you get out of each module?

Trust us, you'll get a lot. But here are a few of the things Business Breakdown has in store for you:


Mission to Profitability:

  • Fully develop your unique mission, which is the foundation for your entire business

  • Learn who your customer really is. You'll figure out where they hang out, how you can connect with them, and how to get them to become a loyal client instead of just a return customer.

  • Review the Laws of Diffusion, and learn how your market falls into the graph in order to determine what messaging to send out at what time

  • Learn our favorite way to break down your company's problems, and turn those problems into an action plan

  • Develop an understanding of your non-financial Key Performance Indicators, so you can make the best decisions possible for your brand

Figure Out Your Finance:

  • Learn what the difference between types of company structures, and common misconceptions you should avoid

  • Break down the different types of tax structures for each business structure, and find out how to do the approximate math to find out the difference in taxes for each type, which will help you decide which type of entity is right for you

  • Develop an automated operations budget in Microsoft Excel

  • Develop a COGS budget in Microsoft Excel

  • Receive an Excel spreadsheet that pulls from both your operations and COGS spreadsheets to price your garments.

  • We'll walk you through each Excel spreadsheet to teach you exactly how to use it, how it works, and how to make it work specifically for you

  • Learn about the different types of funding so you can understand what funding options you could pursue

  • Receive a bonus video that talks about the new tax plan, so you aren't totally lost when you're managing your taxes

  • Receive a bonus video that walks you through the new sales tax rules, and helps you to strategize for managing your tax burdens

Build the Right Branding:

  • Learn the basics of business ethics and normative theory

  • Break down brand framing and brand stories

  • Fully build your collateral report: create a brand guide that you can hand to a designer so that they have your exact colors, visual concepts, voice, et al., in one place. This guide will include your brand's ethics, framing, and stories.

  • Hear from a branding expert, and get their best advice on the most important brand elements of your company

Make Your Mark:

  • Create a fully-fledged marketing plan: complete with strategy, marketing mix, positioning, company stories, and a 6-month marketing calendar

  • Hear directly from marketing experts on ad campaigns, social media for entrepreneurs, and more

Set Your Systems:

  • Create a manual for your business and for what it takes to run your it

  • Break down what needs to happen right away, and prioritize tasks that can either be done later, or otherwise taken off your plate

  • Determine what aspects of your business can be automated to create more time and energy for yourself

  • In the same vein, determine what parts of your business can be systematized

Opt for Outsourcing:

  • Create a prioritized list of what and how to outsource

  • Create a complete org chart

  • Create Job Descriptions for the org chart

  • Learn common mistakes in hiring, and create an employee handbook

Yes, I'm In!

Wait, wait... there's more!

BONUS #1 | Expert Opinions

Learning from multiple people gives you a new point of view directly from the source. Those nuggets of knowledge can lead you to the exact "eureka" moment you've been looking for!

Hear from experts and entrepreneurs including Anshey Bhatia (CEO & Director of Sales, Verbal+Visual), Rishi Malhotra (Digital Marketing Strategist), and more!

Also in the mix is Sarah Zurell, a branding expert whose current role as Co-Founder of Pavemint has helped to connect people looking for parking in the very busy city of Los Angeles.

Sarah is also an active member of the Los Angeles Women in Tech community, is on the advisory board of Civicas, and is currently serving her first term on the board of directors of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Sarah Zurell of Pavemint schools us on branding – listen to an exclusive clip below!

Sarah Zurell of Pavemint schools us on branding – listen to an exclusive clip below!

Work directly with Cat, SewEthico Founder

Work directly with Cat, SewEthico Founder

BONUS #2 | Live Financial Training

Cat will walk you through the excel spreadsheets in the finance module, step by step, in a live session that gives you the chance to pick her brain!


  • In-depth breakdowns of both the new Federal and Sales Tax policies
  • Weekly office hours and check-in sessions.



  • How do I access the course materials?

The course is completely online. The modules are released one week at a time, to help you pace yourself through the material. However, business isn’t linear, and neither is this course. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the modules, so you can go back and retake them if needed. While the lessons are released in real time over the span of 7 weeks, once you have the modules, they’re yours to complete at your own speed.

If you’re a consulting client, there are opportunities to work together in person, depending on location and availability. Consulting is designed to suit the client and situation, and we can work together to find what would best meet your needs.

  • How present is Cat throughout the course?

Cat is as accessible as you want her to be. She'll have office hours throughout the course, three days a week, for emails. There will be a weekly call, scheduled at different times to make sure to accommodate everyone's busy schedules. There will also be live trainings interspersed throughout the course.

  • Is Business Breakdown right for me?

Ethical entrepreneurs who are looking to make a contribution to the world by building a better garment industry — this is your stop. If you’ve launched and you’re just not sure where to turn next, you don’t know how to get your numbers straight, and you’re not certain whether you’re in the right tax-status, this is for you. If you’re looking to get to know your clients on a deeper level, and then get them to join your tribe so you can accomplish your mission together as a team? Yep, get on in here.

  • Is there a refund policy?

Business Breakdown has a 14 day worry-free return policy, so you can experience the course and make sure you love it. If you try it out, and it's not a good fit for you, you don't have to worry. If you have any questions about refunds, shoot us a line at

Still have questions? Check out the full FAQ here.


Stop waiting and build the business your brand really needs.

Yes, I'm In!

So, wait... who is Cat? And why should I be listening to her?

Cat, Founder of SewEthico

Cat, Founder of SewEthico


Hi y'all, I'm Cat, and I'm the founder of SewEthico. I have 10 years experience in mission-based business. My mother first taught me how to sew when I was 8, and I've been obsessed with fashion design ever since. I've also always been passionate about making the world a better place. Sound familiar? I bet we have that in common.

In my professional career, I've been blessed to work with nonprofits all over the country, and even completed a multi-degree graduate program at the University of Oregon that combined nonprofit management and a marketing MBA. After graduating, I moved to New York City and landed a job doing marketing for one of New York's beautiful Upper East Side museums, and managed the social media for one of the city's biggest museum festivals for nine museums, including the Met and the Guggenheim. After that, I moved on to work at a tech company on Wall St., where we made tech solutions for nonprofits. This all cam before founding SewEthico.

The story of SewEthico is simple. After some time on Wall St., I wanted to get back in touch with my roots, so I started to explore becoming an ethical designer myself. I enrolled in some of the programs in the space and started getting to know designers. As I began to make friends, and other designers became familiar with my background, when they needed help I would often step in and talk through their problems on the business end. Before I knew it, I was helping multiple people, and realized that the work that got me really excited was the work that others needed help with. So, I would be of better service to ethical fashion by helping other designers to succeed and do amazing things, instead of simply adding my own pieces to the market.

My background has helped me create an entire program that is specifically designed to solve the problems of ethical designers, like the one discussed in the most recent webinar – the recent Supreme Court case and upcoming changed to sales tax policies.

This is how SewEthico was born, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why did I create SewEthico?

Because I wanted to make a difference: I had been creating this amazing backlog of business knowledge that I knew was going to help build something great, and I'd had so many amazing and random experiences that suddenly made sense, like connecting with a long-lost cousin who owned a cotton gin in Texas and working with alpaca farmers in graduate school. After exploring ethical fashion, I realized how little is out there in the way of business essentials and training, and that while I may not be the best designer, I sure can make my way around a spreadsheet.

After working with multiple designers, I realized that my talents could better serve the community by working with others to help them grow and succeed, rather than adding my own product to the market. I knew that by helping others to genuinely rock their business, I could help create a larger impact that might help move the industry forward.

That's why I want to work with you to build the business your brand really needs. 

Doors close on July 15th. All you have to do is believe in yourself and go for it.

Yes, I'm In!