Business Breakdown

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Your ethical brand is doing amazing things to make the world better, but if you haven't ironed out your business strategies, you know your company is in for a challenge. You started your company to solve a problem, don't let your business get in the way of business.

Business Breakdown is designed to specifically meet the unique needs of an ethical fashion brand, by isolating what makes your brand amazing, and smoothing out the issues. We build on your core strengths as a mission-driven brand to sharpen your competitive edge, because we know that when ethical fashion designers have a larger piece of the market, everyone wins.

Business Breakdown Modules


In Business Breakdown, you’ll get 7 weeks of video training, bonus materials, and a full workbook to walk you through every element of the course, and creating solutions to your brand’s concerns.

The program is jam-packed with materials to help:

  • Get clear on your profit strategy and customer, so you know where they hang out and how to connect with them
  • Master the laws of diffusion, and how your customers fall into it
  • Learn to maximize your strengths, and steer clear of your weaknesses to grow your company
  • Establish your non-financial key performance indicators, so you can evaluate your efforts
  • Grow revenue by making sure you’re the correct entity, building your budget, helping price garments to cover expenses, and identify funding options that work for you.
  • Create a complete brand collateral guide, so you know what your brand is doing and can easily communicate with designers and freelancers (so you can skip the mistakes and get it right the first time)
  • Develop a full fledged marketing plan, complete with strategy, marketing mix, positioning, company stories, and a 6 month marketing calendar
  • Build a manual for your business, get clear on what it takes to run, and write a plan to cut your wasted time and sunk-cost in half
  • Write a complete org chart, because the jobs are getting done with or without a complete team. Remember, in the beginning of a small business, you’re doing the work of 10 people. Getting organized will help to keep you sane, while saving time, energy, and money
  • And so much more