Communicate to Convert: Build the Brand and Marketing that Grows your Business


Communicate to Convert: Build the Brand and Marketing that Grows Your Business

You're obsessed with solving problems for your customer.
Let's do the work to get them obsessed with you.

Grow your business with better marketing.

  • Build strong relationships with your clients
  • Grow sustainably through word of mouth strategies
  • Secure partnerships that lead to better pop up sales and in-person events
  • Attract journalists that will give you the press your clients need to see from you
  • Build a strategic plan that energizes you


Your business is slowing down, and you need to get back up to speed. Get clarity with the Diagnose My Market Package. Over 3 meetings, we’ll pinpoint the challenges your company is facing and work out solutions together.

Your small business is just getting off the ground, and you need to build your marketing department and branding—and get it right the first time. You don’t have money or time to waste, so Business Essentials sets up a strong foundation that will give you solid footing.

What you get:

  • The core concepts that will evolve your brand from a hobby-business into a fully functioning, money-making business venture
  • A deep dive into your client’s needs so you can build a team to solve their problem — and get paid in the process
  • A branding system that encourages your customers to engage, interact, and purchase your product

The Business Professionals package is for companies that have waited to build a marketing department. Whether you’re launching a new product or moving into a new market, this package can help you get there. You’ll get everything in the Essentials package, plus

  • A simple strategy to isolate what’s working best for your business
  • Customer analysis and client interviews completed by Cat, so you can learn how to properly interview your clients to get the maximum amount of information from them
  • A guide to customer insight strategies
  • A complete positioning map of your market
  • Branded stories for marketing, speaking, and other kinds of content
  • A complete voice guide so you can hire freelancers, interns, and team members without having to spend extra time or money to train them from scratch
  • A marketing strategy designed around your customer that encourages them to engage with you on a deeper level
  • A step-by-step guide to running events, from pop-up shops to fireside chats
  • A complete understanding of your market, and how to cut through the noise to get your customer on board
  • The systems to cut down on the amount of work you’re doing; the automation to get your company running smoothly while taking back your time; and the hiring process to help you bring on the right team members at the right time

Additional perks for our clients include:

  • Access to an awesome legal team who will take care of your startup headaches for you
  • Solutions to your sales tax terrors
  • A bonus strategy that’s better than a sale
  • First-dibs on press or pop-up shop opportunities
  • And much more

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried coaching before and it didn’t work for me. What makes SewEthico different?

To be fair, business coaching is a two-way street. You need to be an active participant if you want to succeed. If you’re looking for the training that’s going to hand you easy answers, you’re in the wrong place. I will work 1:1 with you, push you, force you to ask the hard questions, and be here to support you when you need it. But I won’t provide all the answers for you. If I did, they wouldn’t be any good. As the founder, much of this strategy has to come from you.

I already have experience in marketing. What can you teach me that I don't already know?

I totally get it. I worked in marketing for years before I started a small business. But when I began marketing for SewEthico, I built the same systems I give to my clients, brought on a marketing coach to help me, and hired multiple professionals to write copy, build my website, and take care of specific social media accounts. Why? Because when it’s your own business, you’re too close to it to build the right strategy without pushback. It’s harder to make the tough choices than it is for another company.

Plus, when your attention is split in so many different directions, focusing on what comes next and getting things done in the right order is nearly impossible on your own. That's where I come in.

We’ve had some great PR. Isn’t that enough to grow our brand?

Great PR unfortunately isn’t the answer to revenue. Why? Because PR happens on your reader’s time, not yours. It can take a long time for your brand to catch on through PR. Additionally, even with the right PR, if your brand is missing its structure and foundation, audiences won’t see your product as the solution they’re seeking. You need to have the business foundation your brand needs to thrive in order for the PR to do its job.

I can’t afford help, so I’m going to just bootstrap it.

I recently sat down with an entrepreneur who kept saying to herself that she couldn’t afford to get help, outsource, or focus on the foundation of her brand. She just kept making garments and hoping they would sell. Over time she found herself in a huge amount of debt, and had to close her business. This is such a shame, and could have been avoided with the right help, systems, and strategy in place to jump-start growth. The story of the solo-preneur just isn’t realistic. It’s lonely, and overwhelming. No business is an island, and yours isn’t any different. Your company can grow faster and stronger when you have the help you need.

I don’t have time for coaching — the business already takes up too much time without enough returns.

If running your brand is taking up too much time for you to grow, chances are you’re doing the wrong things and not building systems into your strategy. Your brand shouldn’t control your life, and it doesn’t have to. Building your marketing department and strategies will help you to outsource more, with better results. You have to take the chance to take back your time.

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