Ethical fashion business training

Our ethical fashion business training programs are designed to target your brand's needs, and create solutions at the source.

Business Breakdown


Your Ethical Brand is doing incredible things, and it deserves the business backbone to support it. Business Breakdown helps you get clear on your profit strategy, build a pricing strategy helps your business to thrive, grow your audience through a complete six month marketing plan, and gain time with systems, automation, and outsourcing.

Don't fake the business of your brand. Just make it.

Our Signature Course, Business Breakdown, is designed specifically as an ethical fashion business training program that targets your unique business needs to help you ask the tough questions that create legitimate, sustainable solutions to the challenges your brand is facing.

Supportive Consulting


Running your business while learning and implementing new strategies and unfamiliar techniques can be overwhelming. We want your brand to thrive. That’s why SewEthico provides the option of Supportive Consulting for our members, so you can get the most out of our ethical fashion business training programs.

Our team of experts uses an in-depth approach to the the same tools that you will master in our course to create content, develop strategy, and even write business grants for your company. We’ll consult with you on the details of your brand so that we can get every piece precise, and walk you through the tough questions and answers that always seem to take years to get right.