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#SustainingSustainable: Cultivating Community: July 17

Your business relies on relationships: relationships with your customers, your community, and beyond. You build teams out of those relationships, coming together with others to accomplish a greater goal. As business owners, we love talking about community, and we give it a million different names. But cultivating a true community is a difficult skill, and it takes time to build.

On July 17th, we’re lucky to be joined by an expert in cultivating community. Dominique Drakeford, founder of MelaninASS, Co-Creator of Sustainable BK, and Ambassador to Sustainable Style and Cultural Context, will be speaking with us for #SustainingSustainable, Cultivating Community to talk about how to build a true community around a set of common goals. You’re going to come away with some hard hitting answers about expanding your goals through audience and relationship building.

Past Events

#SustainingSustainable: Social Strategy

One thing that seems to consistently create stress for small businesses is building relationships with our customers. Knowing how to reach them, what to say, how to be visually appealing, and continuing to stay relevant to their needs… it can be a little overwhelming. Digital marketing is simultaneously the easiest and the hardest way to stay top of mind.

That’s why this month for #SustainingSustainable, we’re bringing you a total powerhouse of digital marketing answers. Harineta Rigatos manages a digital audience in the millions, and manages campaigns with mega influencers and brands around the world. She’s a story-telling- relationship-building whiz kid and we all get the opportunity to learn from her experiences

#SustainingSustainable: Google But Make It Fashion

The sale of your product happens on your client’s time, when your client is ready to make a purchase. That’s why your searchability online is so important, especially for new brands. Understanding your online presence from an analytics perspective can make the difference in major visibility vs. an echo chamber. This month, we’re going to hear from Mary Bemis, Senior Analyst as Xaxis. We’ll hear from Mary on the important factors you should be watching for in your web presence, how you can grow your searchability, and how to stand out online. For our consulting portion of the event, we’ll look at the analytics from one entrepreneur’s website, and talking about improvements they can make to grow their visibility online.

#SustainingSustainable: Tackle your Taxes

We’ll be sitting down with Adam Zarchasrski, CPA, to talk taxes, so you know when you should be filing taxes (is it quarterly? Is it annually? When should I be doing this?), how much to put away, when your business financially matures, and so much more. We’re here to deal with the tough stuff for this one, so bring your questions! We’ll bring the knowledge.

#SustainingSustainable: Legal Logistics

One of the topics that feels the heaviest and most confusing for designers and entrepreneurs falls into the legal department. However, as the founder of your company, having a touch up on the basics will help you go a long way. Join us for this next session of #SustainingSustainable, where we sit down with Rachel Tobias, fashion lawyer, to straighten out the knots in your legal frameworks.

For the interactive learning portion of this event, we’ll be working with a designer to get started on your trademark search and application, and walk through and do it live so you can see how to get it done.


#SustainingSustainable: Fund your (ad)Venture

Sustaining your sustainable brand is toug, and sometimes it can feel like it's impossible for you, while other brands are basically just stepping into one of those glass money boxes where all the have to do is hold out their hands and catch whatever cash flies their way. You're watching on thinking, "WHY CAN'T I FIND INVESTORS AND FIGURE IT OUT?!" Well Don't worry, cause this month is for you!

Join us for an evening with Danielle Josephs, Investment Officer at Closed Loop Partners, to talk about all things VC and Funding! We're going to cover why VC may or may not be right for you, how to find great investors, who you should consider working with (and why!), how to prep for your first few meetings, what to expect when you're making your first pitch deck, and more.


Sustaining Sustainable: Content Creation

Sustaining your sustainable brand is tough enough without having to rethink your content strategy every single day. That's why we're getting together to give you some new solutions for creating a content strategy you can actually stick to, even if you're a team-of-one. #SustainingSustainable.

Join us for an evening with Claire Brooks, founder of SuperSwell and Content Creation Expert, to discuss how you can build your best content strategy. After, we'll be giving a live content consultation to a member of our audience*! If you're having problems building a content strategy that your audience connects to, and that you can actually execute consistently, this event is going to help answer a lot of your questions, and you'll be leaving with a solid plan to boost your content strategy and achieve your goals.

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Sustaining Sustainable: Tough Challenges

Sustaining your sustainable brand is tough enough without having to deal with the business red tape behind your brand. That’s why we’re gathering a group of serious business professionals to answer all your hardest questions for your team-of-one. #SustainingSustainable.

Join us for an evening with Lorraine Sanders (Founder: Spirit of 608 // Pressdope), Mimi Plange (Founder: Mimi Plange), Claire Brooks (Creative Consultant: SuperSwell), Hannah Richtmann (Founder: The Break), and Ashish Walia (COO and Cofounder: LawTrades) for this event to handle everything from your legal questions, to PR, content, and everything in between.