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  • Where is Business Breakdown  how do I take the course?

The course is completely online. The modules are released one week at a time, to help you pace yourself through the material. However, business isn’t linear, and neither is this course. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the modules, so you can go back and retake them if needed. While the lessons are released in real time over the span of 7 weeks, once you have the modules, they’re yours to complete at your own speed.

If you’re a consulting client, there are opportunities to work together in person, depending on location and availability. Consulting is designed to suit the client and situation, and we can work together to find what would best meet your needs.


  • How is this course different from other programs?

Our course is designed specifically to meet the challenges of ethical fashion businesses, post-launch. After this first phase, many entrepreneurs see their business losing steam and don’t know what to do to keep the momentum going. That’s where we come in.

Our mission-based program focuses on quintessential business theories and turns them into actionable steps to grow your business without gimmicks. This sweet spot helps to target the exact needs of your business so you can learn what works, and why it works, allowing you to think more critically about your brand and move forward with intentional strategies. Rather than covering your business concerns with a band-aid, we dive deeper into the heart of your business to create solutions at your company’s core. The program builds on itself so that you can apply the work you’ve done to your business in real time. By the end of it, you'll have a business plan you can take to the bank. Literally. Or any other funder you may be interested in pursuing. Don't know what kinds of funds you're interested in going after? Don't worry, we cover that in Business Breakdown.


  • Can’t I just find this stuff online for free?

Yep, the internet is a big place with lots of great resources that are really helpful… if you know what you’re looking for and which questions to ask.

But, many entrepreneurs focus solely on the technical aspects of the business, and look to put their thoughts and creativity where it counts. Spending days searching for solutions to every single problem in your business may not be the best use of your time when you’re trying to grow your brand, and can end up costing you exponentially more in the long run than investing in a single, holistic solution that integrates into the core of your existing business. Business Breakdown is designed to tap into what’s already working, and simplify what’s not, so you can more permanently solve your brand’s challenges instead of applying a band-aid fix. Further, it sharpens your strategic skills, so when things come up in the future, you already have the tools to creatively resolve your challenges while flexing your strengths. We don’t give you the fish  we teach you how to fish in the way that best meets your needs.


  • Who’s right for the program?

Ethical entrepreneurs who are looking to make a contribution to the world by building a better garment industry  this is your stop. If you’ve launched and you’re just not sure where to turn next, you don’t know how to get your numbers straight, and you’re not certain whether you’re in the right tax-status, this is for you. If you’re looking to get to know your clients on a deeper level, and then get them to join your tribe so you can accomplish your mission together as a team? Yep, get on in here.


  • Who’s not right for this program?

Our program isn’t right for those looking for a plug-and-play type of training. This program is not easy, and it’s not for those who give up quickly. It’s for students who are looking to re-examine the way they are doing business in order to truly and sustainably build lasting change. You must be a go-getter, self-starter, future-thinker, change-maker.


  • What if I haven’t actually launched my business yet?

The SewEthico program is specifically for individuals who have already sorted out their manufacturing, inventory, and materials. We focus on the business theory essentials that will help you grow, but can suggest programs and resources that are better suited for a business in the launch phase.


  • Can I sign up for Supportive Consulting services without being a member of the program?

At this time, in order to provide consistency and direction, we only offer consulting for enrolled students. Our course is designed with your future in mind, including how you will implement these new business strategies and fundamentals. Without access to the program, we would be setting clients up to rely on our services full-time and long-term. Students who opt in for our Supportive Consulting services will simultaneously learn how to implement our strategies while seeing immediate results from our team and receiving individualized feedback on all work related to our course programs as well as many other custom-fit perks. To learn more, sign up for our mailing list.


  • Is there a refund policy?

SewEthico has a 14 day worry-free return policy, so you can experience our course and make sure you love it. If you try it out, and it's not a good fit for you, you don't have to worry. If you have any questions about refunds, shoot us a line at


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