The #1 Hidden reason PR is great for your brand (and it’s not what you think!)

PR has many many benefits for your brand. The right media placement can put sales through the roof, and give your company name recognition like you’ve never seen before. But, every up has a down, right? Here’s the rub about PR: media representation doesn’t guarantee immediate sales. It’s more difficult to track the ROI of PR, and a lot of brands become discouraged after working with a PR agency or platform because they don’t always see the results they want right away.

When a media placement comes through, and your brand is featured in an article, that’s great news, but it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to see revenues from that one article. Here’s why:

We’ve come to a point in time where everything exists on demand. When your prospect or lead is getting ready to become a customer, and they see your product mentioned in an article, it helps to strengthen your position in their mind. Then when they’re ready to buy, they’ll come back in their own time. They’re far less likely to buy right there on the spot.

HOWEVER: PR has one major hidden benefit that you probably aren’t thinking about when you see your brand in an article, and this benefit is what will truly drive sales.

You see, when your product is featured in an article from a reputable media outlet or blog, which then links back to your product or website, it builds your SEO.


Your lead or prospect is much more likely to buy your product when they’re actively searching for it, rather than when they’re passively reading an article that mentions it. Creating multiple touch points with that potential customer then helps to strengthen your position in their mind (through social media, email campaigns, more PR, etc.), and sows the seed for them to be more interested in purchasing your product. Then, when they make the decision that they are looking for what you’re selling, what are they likely to do? GOOGLE IT!

Think about it: when you, as a person (not as a business owner) are looking to make a purchase of something specific, like a new bathing suit for summer, what do you do? You jump online and you search for your options. While this doesn’t apply to everyone, it applies to a lot of people, and if your product is mainly sold online, then this IS the #1 way that people are finding you.

Not only that, but the way you’re pulling them in is important, too. PPC campaigns are great and easy to start, so a lot of brands enroll in them (we’re talking about Google Adwords and similar marketing strategies, here). The main difference between PPC campaigns and SEO is that SEO is the long-haul game, and PPC is for the short-run. There’s another important distinction as well the difference in traffic drawn by each strategy is massive. Statistically, PPC campaigns bring only 10% of search traffic to any website across the board, while SEO draws in a whopping 90% of search traffic. That’s substantial, and it’s a great reason that you should be investing in SEO over PPC.

Now, as I mentioned, SEO is definitely the long-haul game. It takes a lot more work to make it happen, but what’s one of the main drivers for SEO? PR!

Backlinks from reputable media outlets help Google to understand that YOU are the expert, because a trusted source is telling Google that they believe in what you’re doing. When you have a bunch of stellar articles that hit the right keywords and link back to your site, that’s going to strengthen your SEO in an organic and evergreen way. That means those great articles that link back to you are going to keep strengthening your SEO and drawing in organic online traffic again and again and again, sometimes even years later.

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but that article that you thought you didn’t get any sales from is actually helping you over time. That’s also why it’s important to keep momentum with your PR strategy and make sure your goals are clear.

See, everything in business is connected. In order to be effective, your PR strategy needs to align with your marketing strategy, your sales strategy, your biz dev strategy, and your overall strategic plan. Your website needs to link up to your PR, and so on. It’s basically a giant web, and that’s why it’s so important for you to develop a roadmap for your business. When you don’t have that plan in place, you’re just taking a shot in the dark with all of your strategies, including PR, and praying that it hits a target (meanwhile, if you don’t have that plan, you may not even know what your target is!).

I know it’s a lot, and it can get overwhelming really quickly. But don’t worry that’s why we’re here. If you’re interested in learning more about how to tie all of your strategies together in one neat package, subscribe to our mailing list to get business tips and updates sent straight to your inbox.

Let’s build the business your brand really needs, eh? 

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