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Case Study: Next Weekend Design

How the founder of Next Weekend Design pulled the ideas out of her head and got her financial plan together.

Case Study: Reprise Activewear

How a plant-based line of leggings built a brand that made their customers feel right at home.

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My business partner started her small business in 1999 (and I joined in 2011). Until 2019, the only marketing used was word of mouth. It worked well for years, and then in 2018 we started building a product that we knew needed to be shared with the world in a much bigger way. Neither of us have a degree or background in business or marketing, so we knew we needed support.

Enter our marketing coaching with Cat! During our first few calls with her, we had NO idea what marketing strategy was; even the thought of marketing was stressful. Because Cat was patient, a great listener, and pushed us out of our comfort zones to do the work, we both finally feel like we're starting to get our heads wrapped around marketing - and are enjoying it. The two of us also have vastly different communication styles, and Cat really excels at communicating with both of us.

I always come away from our sessions pushed to my limits, brimming with new knowledge, and excited for getting EBLI out to the world in a bigger way. Cat is generous with her expertise and resources, and empowers you to learn how to market (rather than just doing it for you). I highly recommend working with her!”
- Hannah Riopelle, COO - EBLI

After successfully launching PonyBabe by way of Kickstarter, completing our first production run, and making some sales, but not enough to move the business forward, I found myself stuck with a very daunting question: Now what? I started PonyBabe as a creative project, with very little understanding of the financial and marketing skills that contribute to a small brand succeeding. I met Cat when I was ready to dive into learning how to run my business effectively, but had no clear idea of where to start.

Cat helped me to focus on understanding PonyBabe's ideal customer, and through an in-depth process with Cat by my side, I was surprised to discover that I had been trying to sell clothing to the wrong women. By better understanding our target demographic, I've been able to make better use of my time, focus my efforts on creating effective content, and it has taken a lot of the mystery out of trying to figure out who PonyBabe is talking to. I'm able to use this information to improve ad targeting, and it also contributes to the creative process; when I'm considering new designs, it's easier to make choices because I know exactly who I'm making the clothing for.

Working with Cat has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate her passion for helping ethical entrepreneurs to succeed, and found her to be incredibly supportive, empathetic, and fun to brainstorm with. For designers trying to figure out how to turn their beautiful ideas into a functional business, I recommend Cat and SewEthico as a wonderful resource.”
- Rachel Fernbach, CEO and Founder of PonyBabe


It’s hard to know where to start when you’re a small business owner of a brand spanking new company. You've just launched, maybe you've done your first run of inventory…and then you look around and don’t know which of the 500 different avenues you should start down from there. This is where Cat and SewEthico come into play. Cat will hold your hand and help you navigate this consuming and ever-changing landscape and will set you on course. Her knowledge of business and marketing is incredibly helpful in the ethical fashion market.

Her team of advisors can help you with the financial side of things, the digital marketing, the social media…you name it. We were thrilled when Cat secured us a spot in a recent Brit + Co article and it truly showed her creative forces at work. It’s hard to find this type of niche support when you have a new business idea, and you’ll be glad to have her helping hand along the way post-launch. There are so many different directions your business can take along the way, and having Cat in the driver seat will ensure a smooth ride!”

- Bridget Brown, Co-Founder of Filbert

SewEthico has changed the way I think about my business. I have attended a lot of entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion events, but SewEthico's always stand out because of the important, practical knowledge and the passion I see in the other attendees. Cat herself is an invaluable resource who can guide you no matter what stage your business is in, even a nascent one. She has an amazing eye for analyzing the core of your business and helping you create goals that will build a solid foundation for all you want to achieve. I know I have felt like giving up many times, but she supported and encouraged me in those moments and made me feel like my goals were possible. I am so lucky to have found SewEthico!”

- Anna Bjerknes, Founder of Next Weekend Design

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Cat has helped me put so much purpose and life into my business. It's so clear that she truly cares about what I'm building by the thoughtful questions she asks to push me to think deeper about why what I'm creating is important. Our work together has inspired me to be more thoughtful about each and every action I take in order to build a strong foundation for a lasting business with values and a clear mission. She treats each business she works with as if it were her own and the personal attention and dedicated service is unparalleled.”

- Mary Bemis, Founder of Reprise Activewear