Supportive Consulting


Running your business while learning and implementing new strategies and unfamiliar techniques can be overwhelming.

We want your brand to thrive. That’s why SewEthico provides the option of Supportive Consulting for our members, so you can take the time and space you need to learn and be creative while our team does the behind the scenes work.


• Supportive Consulting: Supportive Consulting is designed to go hand-in-hand with our signature course, Business Breakdown, so that members can learn to target their business concerns at the source. For example, issues with marketing can stem from lack of mission clarity, and problems with outsourcing are coming from lack of financial understanding. Rather than simply creating a marketing plan or outsourcing strategy, we walk through the entire business process in order to make sure the necessary details are in place to create sustainable business practices.

In addition to the perks of Business Breakdown, members of our Supportive Consulting services will benefit from one-on-one sessions with our team that help to work out specific business concerns.

Additional Services

• Marketing Strategy

• Ideal Client Profile Development


• Marketing Content Calendar

• Content Creation: graphics, audio, video, and written content

• Full service video production*

• Digital Strategy (web, social, email, and more)

Interested in a service we offer in our course, but you don’t see listed here? Write us a note and let us know. We’d be happy to create an à la carte package for you.

*In partnership with Sound Flash Films