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#SustainingSustainable: Cultivating Community: July 17

Your business relies on relationships: relationships with your customers, your community, and beyond. You build teams out of those relationships, coming together with others to accomplish a greater goal. As business owners, we love talking about community, and we give it a million different names. But cultivating a true community is a difficult skill, and it takes time to build.

On July 17th, we’re lucky to be joined by an expert in cultivating community. Dominique Drakeford, founder of MelaninASS, Co-Creator of Sustainable BK, and Ambassador to Sustainable Style and Cultural Context, will be speaking with us for #SustainingSustainable, Cultivating Community to talk about how to build a true community around a set of common goals. You’re going to come away with some hard hitting answers about expanding your goals through audience and relationship building.

Cat Bradley

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