#SustainingSustainable: Fund your (ad)Venture

Sustaining your sustainable brand is toug, and sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible for you, while other brands are basically just stepping into one of those glass money boxes where all the have to do is hold out their hands and catch whatever cash flies their way. You’re watching on thinking, “WHY CAN’T I FIND INVESTORS AND FIGURE IT OUT?!” Well Don’t worry, cause this month is for you!

Join us for an evening with Danielle Josephs, Investment Officer at Closed Loop Partners, to talk about all things VC and Funding! We’re going to cover why VC may or may not be right for you, how to find great investors, who you should consider working with (and why!), how to prep for your first few meetings, what to expect when you’re making your first pitch deck, and more.

Cat Bradley

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